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There is hardly an individual who has never faced financial issues in their life. For some it is easy to get loan from banks while for others that option is never available for some reason or the other. Under such circumstances it becomes really hard to judge which door to knock.  In order to save you during such desperate times today we bring to you one of the most reliable loan lending application called Cashlink loan app. Let’s go into detail about numerous Cashlink-related topics.

Cash Link App Loan Limit

If your requirement is simple and you are not looking for a hefty loan then definitely Cashlink loan app is just the right choice for you. With the Cashlink loan app, you can apply for numerous loans in the amount of Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000.

CashLink Tenure period

The tenure rate is the amount of time the lending institution offers you to repay the outstanding loan. Depending on the kind of loan you’re taking and the length of the loan, different lenders will have different terms. However, CashLink offers tenure rates ranging from 91 days to 365 days at the most. Simply said, you have anywhere from three months to a year to pay back the outstanding loan balance.

Rate of Interest charged by CashLink

When it comes to borrowing money from any company, interest rates are crucial. If we are talking about the Cash Link” App, an additional 18% GST charge is added to the maximum yearly interest rate of 0.095% each day.

For example

If you are taking a loan of Rs 5000 from this “Cash Link” App for the period of 91 days, then according to the interest rate of 0.095%, you will have to pay a total of Rs 5,000 x 34.7% / 365 x 91 = Rs 432.25 as interest.

Documents required to avail Cash Link Loan

Taking loan from CashLink App is simple and there not many formalities. Some basic documents needs to be produced in order to avail loan facility from “Cash Link” which include :

  • ID Proof in which you can include PAN card or Aadhar card
  • You can also give Ration Card/ Voter ID Card /Aadhar Card for Address Proof.
  • You will also have to send your photo along with your PAN card.

Eligibility criteria to avail Cash Link loan

Each company considers certain criteria before lending loan to any individual and for each one it is important to fulfill the following terms and conditions: 

  • You must be a citizen of India. If you want to take a loan from this “Cash Link” App, then it is necessary that you are a permanent resident of India.
  • Your age should be between 18 years to 25 years.

CashLink only offers loans in a few cities, and you must live in one of those places to take advantage of this deal.

Types of loans offered by “Cash Link”

This “Cash Link” App allow you to apply for a wide variety of loans.

Personal loans that are approved instantly and are credited to your bank account are available through the “Cash Link” app.

Home Loan: You may obtain a home loan through the “Cash Link” app, however the sum is not provided in lakhs as it would be with other providers. This loan is ideal for home repairs, such as adding a room or interior painting.

Steps to apply for Cash Link loan

Applying for loan with India Lends Loan App is very easy. There are certain small and easy steps that one has to follow as listed below:

You must first perform a search for “Cash Link” in the Google Play Store before downloading the application.

  • Next, you must launch the “Cash Link” App.
  • After that, you must provide the “Cash Link” App all necessary permissions.
  • You can accomplish this by clicking the Allow icon that appears on your screen.
  • After that, you must agree to the “Cash Link” App’s terms and conditions.
  • Select the I agree button to accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Next, you must activate your location.
  • After that, you must verify your cellphone number before you may access the “Cash Link” App.
  • The mobile number you enter in the “Cash Link” app must be connected to your bank.
  • Friends, you must first click on the Apply Now button located at the bottom of the “Cash Link” App before adding any other information and applying.

After the organisation reviews your paperwork, you will learn whether or not your loan has been approved after 10 minutes of applying. In which city do you reside? Have you ever taken out a loan? How do you rate on the CIBIL? Given everything mentioned above, this company will grant you a loan. Within 24 hours of loan approval, the complete amount will be credited to your bank account.

CashLink Loan Customer Care Number

Phone: 9739962603


Friends, that’s all we learnt about getting a loan from the fantastic lender “Cash Link” App in today’s post. To make things simple for you, we have given you in-depth information about the necessary paperwork, eligibility requirements, and other information.

Please contact us or leave a comment below if you have any additional queries about the CashLink App loan. We’ll see you in our next post.

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